Getting Started with Coinbase

We previously talked about setting up a WAX Wallet and one of the requirements to do that was to fund that WAX Wallet with $5 in WAXP. So how do you buy WAXP? Well Coinbase is just one option and one that is tightly integrated into the WAX Wallet setup flow. So let's look at all the steps required to get up and running on Coinbase.

Creating An Account

Head over to to get started. You will see the below screen.

Go ahead and complete the form and the certification check box then hit Create Free Account. You will be presented with info on any current offers like "Get up To $200 in Bitcoin". Just hit continue at the bottom to move forward.

Verifying Your Email with Coinbase

When you hit continue you will be presented with the "Verify your Email" screen. At this time go to the email you used for signup and look for an email that looks like the below.

Click on Verify Email Address to complete this step and be taken to the next part of the workflow for Coinbase setup.

State Selection Screen

Once your email is verified you will be taken to the state selection screen. Each state has different requirements and policies when it comes to cryptocurrency so it is important that you use the state you can verify with your State Issued ID. Select your state from the screen below.

Setting Up Two Factor Authentication

On the next screen you will be required to enter your phone number for setting up two-step verification. This is a required security policy and cannot be skipped. Make sure to use a phone number you have not use with other Coinbase accounts. See the image below.

Go ahead and enter your phone number then hit Send Code. This will trigger an SMS message to your number with a code, you will then enter that code on this screen. Once you hit send code you will see the below screen where you will enter your SEVEN digit verification code. Enter your verification code and hit SUBMIT.

Select Your Citizenship

Next you will be asked to select your citizenship, this is required for legal and regulatory purposes. Select your Citizenship from the drop down menu then hit SUBMIT.

Verify Your Identity

On this page you will be required to enter your identifying information. This is to ensure you are over 18 and also to comply with legal and regulatory requirements set by each state. Complete the below form then hit CONTINUE.

Once you hit submit you MAY be met with a window asking you to define your occupational industry. You can hit SKIP on this for now at the upper right.

Adding a Payment Method

Now it's time to add a payment method to your account so we can fund it. You will see the screen below. Just hit Add a Payment Method.

Coinbase and Plaid

Coinbase uses Plaid to verify your account. ON the below screen you will be asked to allow a connection from Coinbase to Plaid. Hit CONTINUE.

This is where the process can be a bit different for everyone. For MOST users you will simply select your bank from the list and then enter your credentials to link the two accounts. For some though you may not find your smaller banks/FINTECHs on that list and you may need to manually setup your account. Again, if you are not ready to link your bank account you can hit the X in the upper right and you will be taken to your dashboard. This is where we will take some final steps to setup your account.

Next is Verifying Your Info on Coinbase

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