How to Create a New Wax Wallet, Part 1

If you are just getting into the exciting world of trading and collecting NFTs you will eventually need/want a WAX Wallet. This article will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating your WAX wallet. Subsequent posts will show you how to connect that wallet to other platforms and how to trade, collect and move your NFTs where you need them.

Getting Started with WAX Wallet Tutorial

1. Go to to start the process.

2. Select a method for creating your wallet, I highly recommend you use the Google Social Sign-On option or a similar option like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, or Steam. This will make it much easier to login without having to remember a new login and password. For this demo we are going to use Google.

3. Click on the Google (or social sign-on of your choice) icon. You will then see a screen like the one below. Choose the email address you would like to use for your new account.

4. You will then be asked to accept the WAX Terms of Service.

5. And this is where it gets tricky. But I am hoping to give you some ways around the issues commonly faced. Once you accept the Terms of Service you will see the Activation Required screen. This screen is where you will load your funding deposit and complete the account setup. In order to create a WAX wallet you will need to deposit 5 WAXP (Crypto Currency) into your account. You can fund this by paying with Coinbase or by transferring from an existing wallet with WAXP into your new wallet.

That being said you likely don't have WAXP already and if you did there could be a security waiting period to transfer to a new wallet ( for Example requires 24 hour period before you can transfer). Let's explore the Coinbase option.

6. Accept the WAX Cloud Wallet Notice by hitting OK.

7. This will open/expose the payment panel. Please note that you have a limited time to complete this step, one hour. You can use Coinbase for express checkout or if you have other coins in another wallet you can use them as well. See image below.

8. This is where we are going to stop this tutorial and link to the next steps/blogs. You will need a few different tools or accounts to get this funded. So let's start with setting up Coinbase, this will be useful for future purposes anyway.

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