How to Create a New WAX Wallet, Part 2

Making the Initial Deposit

When we last left off we were setting up Coinbase to make the initial deposit to our WAX wallet. This required a deposit of 5 WAXP. Now that you have your Coinbase setup and you purchased your WAXP tokens it's time to pay that initial deposit.

Click on Pay with Coinbase and the below window will show up. Select Pay with Coinbase. As long as you have completed verification and purchased your tokens it should immediately pull that information in and allow you to make the payment.

Once payment is made you wallet is active! You will see an address that looks something like a4cni.c.wam as your WAX Wallet address. Remember this, you will use it a lot. It will always be visible from your WAX Wallet in the upper right. This address is how you move NFTs between platforms.

Congratulations you have setup your WAX Wallet. Coming soon we are going to talk about setting up, Topps NFTs, NeftyBlocks, Metamask, and more.

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