Verifying your Info on Coinbase

In the last blog we started the process of opening a Coinbase account. We ended on our dashboard (see below) and are now going to verify our info.

Verify Your Info

The next step to getting one step closer to buying and trading crypto is to verify your identity on Coinbase. Click the Verify Your Info button to get started and to be taken to the below screen. You may have already done this in the previous flow if you did not hit SKIP on this screen.

Pick your selections from the drop-down menu and then hit SUBMIT. This is complete, easy right?

Adding Payment Methods

If you already linked your bank/financial account then your account should be fully setup at this time. If not then hit ADD PAYMENT METHOD. You will see that there are far more options now besides just linking a bank account. This is why it's sometimes preferable to hit skip when first presented with the Plaid/Coinbase screen. See below.

I prefer to use the Debit Card option as it doesn't require Plaid for those of us whose bank is not on Plaid. Keep in mind that you cannot use Credit Card, Pre-Paid or Business Cards with the debit card option. Once you have linked your card you should be all set. But before you can buy you will need to do the Additional Account Verification.

Additional Account Verification

Go ahead and smack that BUY/SELL button at the top of the screen. That will present you with the below screen where we will start the verification process.

When you hit the SUBMIT ID+PHOTO VERIFICATION button you will be asked what type of IS you will be using. Using a state issued Driver's License is preferred and will get you the quickest account verification.

When you hit Driver's License you will have the below two options for providing your documents. Webcam or File Upload. Chose your preferred method then follow the screen prompts to submit your images.

Make sure you read the requirements and warnings before you start the upload process. See below.

You will be asked to provide three things, an image of the front of your license, the back of the license and an image of you holding a piece of paper that says "For Coinbase Trading" and the current date. Once you complete these steps and hit submit the system will proceed to verify your ID. This can take a bit so don't navigate away from the page or refresh. Just let it do its thing. BE PATIENT.

PRO TIP: If you want to make it easier on yourself then open up a quick Google Doc and print out the sheet of paper that says "For Coinbase Trading" and the date. Sometimes the system struggles to read handwriting.

Once you ID has been successfully verified you are ready to start buying and selling crypto. So if you are working on the WAX Wallet flow, now is the time to add WAXP to your wallet. You can do that by hitting BUYING/SELLING then search for the WAXP token. Remember you will need to fund exactly $5 of WAXP into your Wax Wallet to get it setup. No more, no less.

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